EventDescriptionDate – Location
AIVRAIVR (Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality) explores the convergence of AI and VR technologies, featuring cutting-edge research and applications in immersive experiences.Jul 19-21, 2024
Fukuoka, Japan
SIGGRAPHSIGGRAPH is the top conference for computer graphics and interactive techniques, showcasing cutting-edge research and innovations.
Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook
Jul 28 – Aug 1, 2024
Denver, CO, USA
AWE AsiaAWE Asia is the leading event for AR and VR, showcasing the latest advancements, applications, and networking opportunities in augmented and virtual reality.
Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook
Aug 26-28, 2024
GITEX GLOBAL MetaverseGITEX GLOBAL Metaverse showcases the latest advancements in the metaverse, bringing together pioneers and enthusiasts to explore the future of digital and virtual experiences.
Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook
Oct 14-18, 2024
Dubai, UAE
Friends of the MetaverseFriends of the Metaverse brings metaverse enthusiasts and innovators together to explore the latest developments, strategies, and networking opportunities in virtual worlds.
Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook
Oct 24, 2024
AWE EuropeAWE Europe is the leading event for AR and VR professionals, offering insights, innovations, and networking opportunities to advance immersive technology.
Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook
Oct 29-30, 2024
Vienna, Austria
Metaverse Expo TokyoMetaverse Expo Tokyo showcases the latest in virtual reality, augmented reality, and digital innovation, bringing together metaverse pioneers and enthusiasts.
Nov 20-22, 2024
Chiba, Japan
SIGGRAPHSIGGRAPH is the premier conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques, showcasing cutting-edge innovations, research, and creativity in the digital arts.
Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook
Dec 3-6, 2024
Tokyo, Japan
Immersive Tech WeekImmersive Tech Week showcases the latest advancements in virtual, augmented, and mixed-reality technologies and highlights their applications across various industries.
Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook
Dec 4-6, 2024
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Enterprise Metaverse ExpoEnterprise Metaverse Expo explores virtual and augmented reality integration in business, offering insights into immersive technologies transforming the enterprise landscape.
Twitter / LinkedIn
Feb 11-13, 2025
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
IEEE VRIEEE VR gathers virtual reality professionals to explore cutting-edge VR technologies, innovations, and networking opportunities.Mar 8-12, 2025
Saint-Malo, France
XR EXPOXR EXPO showcases the latest in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies and offers insights and networking opportunities for industry professionals.Mar 26-27, 2025
Stuttgart, Germany
Metaverse Expo TokyoMetaverse Expo Tokyo showcases the latest in virtual worlds, immersive technologies, and their applications across industries.
Jul 2-4, 2025
Tokyo, Japan

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What topics are typically covered at metaverse conferences?

Metaverse conferences usually cover topics such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), blockchain technology, digital identities, immersive experiences, virtual economies, and the integration of artificial intelligence. Attendees also explore the metaverse’s social, ethical, and business implications and future trends and innovations shaping the digital landscape.

What is the average cost of attending a metaverse conference?

The average cost of attending a metaverse conference ranges from $200 to $1,000. This price often includes access to keynote speeches, breakout sessions, workshops, and networking events. Some conferences offer discounts for early registration, students, or groups, making securing tickets in advance or checking for unique pricing options beneficial.

What are some notable speakers who frequently present at metaverse conferences?

Notable speakers at metaverse conferences often include industry leaders like Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, and Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games. Other frequent speakers include Philip Rosedale, creator of Second Life, and Cathy Hackl, a leading futurist and tech influencer. These experts share their visionary insights and experiences, driving the conversation about the future of the metaverse.

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