EventDescriptionDate – Location
Craig Wiggins Coaching & ConsultingCraig Wiggins Coaching & Consulting live event provides invaluable coaching strategies, insights, and networking to enhance the growth and success of an insurance agency.
LinkedIn / Facebook
Sep 4-6, 2024
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Applied NetApplied Net is the leading event for insurance technology professionals, offering insights, innovations, and networking to drive digital transformation in insurance.
Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook
Sep 9-12, 2024
Nashville, TN, USA
Women in Insurance Tech ConferenceThe Women in Insurance Tech Conference empowers women in insurance tech by offering insights, strategies, and networking to drive innovation and leadership in the industry.Sep 18-19, 2024
Boston, MA, USA
American Agents AllianceAmerican Agents Alliance is a critical event for insurance agents, featuring insights, strategies, and networking to drive success in the insurance industry.
Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook
Sep 19-21, 2024
Palm Desert, CA, USA
IndieTech Showcase ExperienceIndieTech Showcase Experience highlights innovative indie tech startups, offering networking, insights, and opportunities to discover cutting-edge technologies.
LinkedIn / Facebook
Sep 24-26, 2024
Indianapolis, IN, USA
The Future of Insurance EuropeThe Future of Insurance Europe gathers insurance innovators to discuss trends, technologies, and strategies shaping the future of the European insurance industry.Oct 3-4, 2024
Amsterdam, Netherlands
IAOA InnovationIAOA Innovation is a critical event for insurance professionals. It features strategies, tools, and networking opportunities to drive innovation and transformation in the insurance industry.Oct 10-12, 2024
Denver, CO, USA
InsureTech ConnectInsureTech Connect is the largest gathering of insurance leaders and innovators, exploring the latest technologies and strategies transforming the insurance industry.
Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook
Oct 15-17, 2024
Las Vegas, NV, USA
HUG National ConferenceHUG National Conference gathers HawkSoft users to share insights, strategies, and networking opportunities to optimize using HawkSoft’s insurance software.Apr 14-18, 2025
Orlando, FL, USA
Insurtech InsightsInsurtech Insights connects insurance innovators to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and strategies shaping the future of insurance.
Jun 4-5, 2025
New York, NY, USA

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What topics are typically covered at insurance conferences?

Insurance conferences cover a broad spectrum of topics essential for industry professionals, such as risk management, regulatory changes, and technology integration in insurance practices. These events often explore innovations like insurtech, cybersecurity, AI, and extensive data use in underwriting and claims processing. Other vital discussions focus on customer engagement strategies, product development, and global insurance market trends.

What is the most prestigious insurance conference?

The Global Insurance Symposium is regarded as one of the most prestigious conferences. This event draws industry leaders, policymakers, and innovators worldwide to discuss critical challenges and opportunities within the insurance sector. It features a robust agenda filled with expert panels, keynote addresses, and case studies, providing insights into the future of insurance and the latest strategies for growth and adaptation in a rapidly changing market.

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