EventDescriptionDate – Location
INBOUNDINBOUND is the premier marketing conference, featuring expert insights, strategies, and networking to drive marketing success and innovation.
Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook
Sep 18-20, 2024
Boston, MA, USA
EMDayEMDay is France’s leading event for email marketing professionals, offering insights, strategies, and networking to drive email marketing success.Sep 23-24, 2024
Rennes, France
GuruGuru is the premier event for digital marketers, featuring expert insights, strategies, and networking opportunities to enhance digital marketing effectiveness.
Oct 16-17, 2024
CMWorldCMWorld is the largest content marketing event, offering insights, strategies, and networking to elevate content marketing practices and results.
LinkedIn / Facebook
Oct 21-23, 2024
San Diego, CA, USA
Advanced Email ConferenceAdvanced Email Conference offers insights and strategies for optimizing email marketing campaigns, featuring expert speakers and case studies.
Jan 23, 2025
Manchester, UK
Digital Marketing EuropeDigital Marketing Europe is the go-to event for digital marketers, offering cutting-edge strategies, tools, and networking opportunities.
Mar 19-20, 2025
Vilnius, Lithuania
SocialDaySocialDay is the ultimate event for social media marketers, offering insights, strategies, and networking to enhance social media marketing practices.May 20-22, 2025
London, UK
Email Innovations WorldEmail Innovations World showcases the latest advancements in email marketing, providing actionable insights and strategies from industry leaders.
Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook
Jun 2-5, 2025
Phoenix, AZ, USA
GMSGMS (Growth Minded Superheroes) is Europe’s leading data-driven marketing conference featuring top experts and actionable strategies.Jun 18, 2025
Frankfurt, Germany

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What topics are typically covered at email marketing conferences?

Email marketing conferences cover various topics essential for marketers looking to sharpen their skills. These include the latest trends in email design and content strategies, techniques for improving deliverability and open rates, personalization methods, and integrating email with other marketing channels. Speakers also discuss using data analytics and AI to craft better email campaigns and ways to comply with data protection and privacy laws.

What is the most prestigious email marketing conference?

Litmus Live is considered one of the most prestigious email marketing conferences. This conference brings together top industry professionals and innovators to explore comprehensive topics in email marketing. Attendees benefit from hands-on workshops, insightful sessions, and opportunities to discuss the latest tools and techniques that drive successful email marketing strategies.

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