EventDescriptionDate – Location
MindcampMindcamp is a creativity conference that brings together innovators and thinkers to explore creative problem-solving techniques through workshops and collaborative sessions.Aug 5-9, 2024
Port Elgin, Canada
ProductConProductCon is the most extensive product management conference, featuring insights, strategies, and networking opportunities from top product leaders and innovators.
Twitter / LinkedIn
Aug 8, 2024
UX NordicUX Nordic brings together UX professionals from across the Nordic region to explore the latest trends, tools, and techniques in user experience design.
Twitter / LinkedIn
Aug 28-30, 2024
Aarhus, Denmark
Productized ConferenceProductized Conference is the ultimate event for product managers and developers. It offers insights, workshops, and networking to enhance product development and management.
Oct 2-4, 2024
Lisbon, Portugal
Adobe MAXAdobe MAX is the ultimate event for creative professionals. It showcases the latest Adobe products, tools, and innovations to inspire and elevate creative work.
Twitter / Facebook
Oct 14-16, 2024
Miami, FL, USA
World Usability CongressWorld Usability Congress brings together UX professionals to share insights, innovations, and best practices for creating user-friendly products and services.
LinkedIn / Facebook
Oct 15-17, 2024
Graz, Austria
ProductConProductCon is the largest conference for product managers. It features top speakers, workshops, and networking to enhance product management skills and knowledge.
Twitter / LinkedIn
Oct 16, 2024
San Fransisco, CA, USA
Design MattersDesign Matters is the leading event for digital designers, offering insights, workshops, and networking opportunities to explore the latest trends and innovations in design.
Twitter / LinkedIn
Oct 23-25, 2024
Copenhagen, Denmark
PUSH UXPUSH UX is the premier conference for UX professionals, offering insights, workshops, and networking to advance user experience design and innovation.
Nov 7-8, 2024
Munich, Germany
Web SummitWeb Summit gathers global tech leaders to explore cutting-edge innovations, trends, and networking opportunities in technology.
Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook
Nov 11-14, 2024
Lisbon, Portugal
ProductWorldProductWorld is the leading conference for product managers, featuring strategies, tools, and trends driving product innovation and success.Feb 11-20, 2025
SF Bay Area, CA, USA
UXinsight FestivalUXinsight Festival is the leading event for UX researchers. It features insights, workshops, and networking to advance UX research practices.Apr 14-16, 2025
Breda, Netherlands
Pixel PioneersPixel Pioneers is a conference for front-end developers and UX/UI designers. It features inspiring talks and practical insights from industry experts.
Jun, 2025
Bristol, UK

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What topics are typically covered at design conferences?

Design conferences explore various topics, from graphic and digital design to user experience and industrial design. Sessions might delve into the latest trends in typography, sustainability in design, and the intersection of technology and design, such as virtual reality and augmented reality applications. Additionally, these conferences often address the business aspects of design, like branding strategies and the role of design thinking in innovation.

What is the most prestigious design conference?

The AIGA Design Conference is widely regarded as the most prestigious design conference. Hosted by the professional association for design, it attracts leading creatives and thought leaders in the industry. The conference offers a rich program that includes talks, workshops, and networking events, all aimed at fostering discussion and innovation within the global design community.

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