EventDescriptionDate – Location
Web Summit RioWeb Summit Rio is the premier tech conference in Latin America, connecting global innovators, startups, and industry leaders to explore the latest technology and business.
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Categories: Affiliate marketing, Marketing
Apr 27-30, 2025
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Bett BrasilBett Brasil is Latin America’s leading education technology event, showcasing cutting-edge solutions and insights to enhance teaching and learning experiences.
Categories: Edtech, Tech
Apr 28 – May 1, 2025
São Paulo, Brazil

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What are some of the top conferences in Brazil?

Brazil hosts several prominent conferences across various fields. Notable ones include the Campus Party in São Paulo, one of the largest technology and innovation events in the world; the Brazil Conference at Harvard & MIT, which brings together leaders and scholars to discuss Brazil’s development and challenges; and the Gramado Summit, which focuses on startups, entrepreneurship, and innovation in the tech sector.

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