EventDescriptionDate – Location
Annual European Pharma CongressThe Annual European Pharma Congress focuses on the latest research, innovations, and developments in the pharmaceutical industry.
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Jul 25-26, 2024
Frankfurt, Germany
Fierce Biotech SummitFierce Biotech Summit is the premier event for biotech professionals. It features cutting-edge research, innovations, and networking to drive biotech advancements.
Twitter / LinkedIn
Sep 30 – Oct 1, 2024
Boston, MA, USA
CPHICPHI is the premier event for the pharmaceutical industry, showcasing the latest innovations, trends, and networking opportunities in pharma.Oct 8-10, 2024
Fiera Milano, Italy
ISPE Annual Meeting & ExpoISPE Annual Meeting & Expo gathers pharmaceutical and biotech professionals to share insights, innovations, and best practices, advancing the industry’s knowledge and collaboration.
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Oct 13-16, 2024
Orlando, FL, USA
AAPS PHARMSCI 360AAPS PHARMSCI 360 is the premier event for pharmaceutical scientists, offering insights, innovations, and networking to advance pharmaceutical science and technology.
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Oct 20-23, 2024
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Biotech ShowcaseBiotech Showcase connects biotech innovators with investors, featuring cutting-edge research and opportunities for strategic partnerships.Jan 13-15, 2025
San Francisco, CA, USA
PepTalkPepTalk is the premier event for biotherapeutics professionals, offering insights, innovations, and networking to advance biotherapeutic development.
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Jan 13-16, 2025
San Diego, CA, USA
BiomarkersBiomarkers conference showcases the latest research and advancements in biomarker discovery, validation, and application in precision medicine.Feb 12-14, 2025
London, UK
PharmScience Research & DevelopmentPharmScience Research & Development connects pharmaceutical professionals to discuss the latest advancements and innovations in drug development.Feb 24-27, 2025
San Francisco, CA, USA
Global Pharma & Drug Delivery SummitGlobal Pharma & Drug Delivery Summit gathers pharma leaders to explore cutting-edge drug delivery innovations, strategies, and networking opportunities.
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May 19-20, 2025
Boston, MA, USA
CPHICPHI is the leading event for the pharmaceutical industry, showcasing the latest innovations, trends, and networking opportunities in pharma.
Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook
May 20-22, 2025
Philadelphia, PA, USA

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What topics are typically covered at biotech conferences?

Biotech conferences focus on the latest advancements in biotechnology, including genetic engineering, personalized medicine, and biopharmaceutical development. These events often discuss new therapeutic techniques, CRISPR and other gene-editing tools, and innovations in agricultural biotech. Regulatory issues, ethical considerations, and funding for biotech startups are common themes, providing a comprehensive landscape view.

What is the most prestigious biotech conference?

The BIO International Convention is considered the most prestigious biotech conference globally. This event attracts a broad spectrum of participants from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, including top executives, researchers, and policymakers. The convention is known for its extensive program that includes keynote sessions, networking events, and a massive exhibition showcasing the latest trends and technologies in biotechnology.

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