EventDescriptionDate – Location
RSSRSS (Robotics: Science and Systems) showcases groundbreaking research and advancements in robotics, featuring top scientists and engineers worldwide.
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Jul 15-19, 2024
Delft, Netherlands
RoboBusinessRoboBusiness is the premier event for robotics professionals, offering insights, innovations, and networking opportunities to advance the field of robotics and automation.
Twitter / LinkedIn
Oct 16-17, 2024
Santa Clara, CA, USA
IEEE Robotic ComputingThe IEEE Robotic Computing conference focuses on the intersection of robotics and computing, offering insights into cutting-edge research and applications.Dec 11-13, 2024
Tokyo, Japan
ProMatProMat is the premier event for manufacturing and supply chain professionals, showcasing the latest innovations and technologies in the industry.Mar 19-20, 2025
Chicago, IL, USA
AutomateAutomate is the premier event for automation professionals, showcasing the latest innovations, trends, and networking opportunities in automation technology.
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May 12-15, 2025
Chicago, IL, USA
IEMDCIEMDC (International Electric Machines and Drives Conference) is the leading event for electric machines and drives professionals, featuring insights, innovations, and networking.
May 18-21, 2025
Houston, TX, USA

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What topics are typically covered at robotics conferences?

Robotics conferences focus on advancements in robotic technology, including developments in artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning applications in robotics. Participants discuss the design and engineering of robotic systems, sensor integration challenges, and robotics use in industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and autonomous vehicles. Ethical issues and the future impact of robotics on society and the workforce are also key discussion points.

What is the most prestigious robotics conference?

The International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) is considered the most prestigious robotics conference. Hosted annually by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, ICRA features high-quality research from top academics and industry professionals. The conference includes workshops, tutorials, and exhibits, providing a comprehensive overview of current achievements and innovative future trends in robotics.

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