EventDescriptionDate – Location
data2daydata2day is Germany’s premier data science conference, offering insights, strategies, and networking to advance data-driven decision-making and analytics.Sep 18-19, 2024
Heidelberg, Germany
DjangoCon USDjangoCon US is the premier event for Django developers. It features insights, workshops, and networking to enhance Django development skills and knowledge.
Sep 22-27, 2024
Durham, NC, USA
dotPydotPy is the leading Python conference in Europe. It offers deep dives, expert talks, and networking opportunities for Python developers and enthusiasts.
Twitter / LinkedIn
Oct 16, 2024
Paris, France
PyTexasPyTexas is the premier gathering for Python enthusiasts in Texas. It features community-driven talks, workshops, and networking opportunities, and it’s a welcoming space for learning and collaboration.Apr 11-13, 2025
Austin, TX, USA
MLCONMLCON in Munich is the leading event for machine learning professionals. It offers expert insights, workshops, and networking to advance ML technologies.
Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook
Jun 23-26, 2025
Munich, Germany

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What topics are typically covered at Python conferences?

Python conferences focus on advancements in Python programming, including best practices for development, new libraries, and frameworks. Topics often include data science, machine learning, web development, and Python automation. Attendees learn about optimizing Python code, deploying applications, and integrating Python with other technologies. These conferences also provide insights into community-driven projects and future directions of the Python ecosystem.

What is the most prestigious Python conference?

PyCon, the Python Community Conference, is regarded as the most prestigious. It attracts Python enthusiasts worldwide to participate in tutorials, talks, and sprints. PyCon is celebrated for its community-focused atmosphere, providing a platform for developers of all skill levels to learn, network, and collaborate on Python projects.

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