EventDescriptionDate – Location
Generative AI SummitThe Generative AI Summit is Australia’s top event for AI enthusiasts. It offers insights into cutting-edge AI technologies, applications, and future trends.
Twitter / LinkedIn
Aug 13-15, 2024
Sydney, Australia
Generative AI ExpoGenerative AI Expo showcases cutting-edge advancements in AI, featuring breakthroughs in machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence applications.
Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook
Feb 11-13, 2025
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
WAICFWAICF (World AI Cannes Festival) is a global event celebrating artificial intelligence, featuring cutting-edge innovations, industry leaders, and breakthrough technologies.
Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook
Feb 13 -15, 2025
Cannes, France
Gartner Digital Workplace SummitGartner Digital Workplace Summit is the premier event for digital workplace leaders, offering insights, strategies, and networking to enhance digital work environments.
Twitter / LinkedIn
May 19-20, 2025
London, UK

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What topics are typically covered at generative AI conferences?

Generative AI conferences focus on the latest advancements in AI technologies that generate new content, including text, images, and audio. These conferences cover technical discussions on neural networks, machine learning models like GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), and applications in various industries such as entertainment, marketing, and healthcare. Ethics, bias, and governance in AI creation are crucial topics, along with practical workshops on AI tool implementation and optimization.

What is the most prestigious generative AI conference?

NeurIPS (Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems) is widely recognized as the most prestigious conference focusing on generative AI and broader AI topics. It attracts leading researchers and practitioners worldwide to share cutting-edge research, case studies, and breakthroughs in AI technology. The conference is celebrated for its rigorous peer review process and the depth of its technical sessions.

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