EventDescriptionDate – Location
FCPAFCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Houston) Houston provides legal professionals with critical updates and strategies for compliance with anti-corruption regulations.
Jan 22-23, 2025
Houston, TX, USA
The Fraud Virtual ConferenceThe Fraud Virtual Conference addresses the latest trends, techniques, and tools in fraud prevention and detection, featuring expert insights and case studies.
Twitter / LinkedIn
Feb 20, 2025
Counter Fraud ConferenceCounter Fraud Conference addresses the latest trends, techniques, and fraud prevention and detection technologies.
Twitter / LinkedIn
Mar 12, 2025
London, UK
Annual Anti-Fraud ConferenceThe Annual Anti-Fraud Conference is an essential gathering for anti-fraud professionals. It offers the latest strategies, technologies, and best practices to combat fraud and enhance security.
Apr 30 – May 2, 2025
Monterey, CA, USA
Detecting Fraud & Managing Risks ConferenceThe Detecting Fraud & Managing Risks Conference is a key event for financial professionals. It offers strategies, tools, and networking to tackle fraud and manage risks.Jun 11-15, 2025
Savannah, GA, USA

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What topics are typically covered at fraud conferences?

Fraud conferences cover various issues aimed at detecting, preventing, and combating fraud across multiple sectors. These include advanced techniques in forensic accounting, digital fraud detection methods using AI and data analytics, and the latest trends in cybersecurity threats. Sessions also address regulatory compliance, ethical considerations, and the impact of emerging technologies on fraud prevention strategies.

What topics are typically covered at fraud events?

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) Global Fraud Conference is considered the most prestigious fraud conference. It attracts professionals worldwide, including forensic accountants, auditors, compliance officers, and law enforcement personnel. The conference offers workshops, keynote speeches, and panels led by experts in the field, providing deep insights into the complexities of fraud prevention and detection.

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